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How about we introduce ourselves?

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The history of La Maison Gabriac started in Novembre 2021, when after leaving my job I decided to stop waiting to persue my dreams and projects.

I wanted to put in this house everything that I believed in, what I like to find in a house when I travel and to tell a story at the same time. The story of this house whose foundations are from the XVIth century. And my own. So I will start to tell you a little more about myself.

My name is Justine, I am actually 30 years old, and after almost 10 years working as Head of Visual Merchandising Department for a huge Fast Fashion company, I've decided to change my life. As many of us in this year of 2020 I questionned my job that took much of my time, and I've decided to put all this energy in a project that will be mine. I wanted to have a meaningfull activity and aligned my values and convictions with my work. 

This is how the project of La Maison Gabriac was born, that I've decided to try the challenge of furnishing and decorating a house with only second handed products, to highlight new alternatives for a more respectful world, and to create by my own means a cosy space for our future guests. Passionate and addicted to travels I wanted this house to gathered everything that I like to find when I stay in a guesthouse. This is why you will find everything you need, so that you will feel a little bit at home far away from home.

And there is this house, whose foundations are centuries old and who was originally a part of the castle Gabriac, home of the marquis De Latour Maubourg in the XVIth century, who gave also his name to the street where the house is. Refurbished by the former owners, we tried the highlight its hidden and sleeping beauty. And do you know why I love it so much? It is located only few meters away from the house I grew up in and where my parents still leave. So it is here my refuge, and I hope it will be one aswell for you.

Looking forward to welcoming you !

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